Hey there! Brilian here. I'm a software engineer living in Indonesia. I built this blog/newsletter to share the things I learned about software engineering. The goal of this website is to deepen my knowledge by writing the things I learned about and at the same time share them with the world.

The tagline of this website, "Get More Technical", embodies my desire to learn more about technical things. It's not that I think managerial skills are unimportant, but I want to hone my technical skill before I deep dive to learn managerial skills. Hence, I only write technical articles in this blog, although it might change in the future.

I try to focus on the quality of my writing, my goal is for everyone that reads my article can easily understand its content in detail, no matter how complex the topic is. I don't set any goal on how often I publish an article on this blog, as currently I only do it in my free time. Everything on the website is currently free, but I plan to monetize it in the far future when the quality of my content is high.

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